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About Sanskrit

Sanskrit brand has been built on our commitment to the four pillars that bring satisfaction to our customers Providing a nurturing atmosphere that supports us, staff and families. Providing an authentic new age indian dining experience using highest quality fresh ingredients, using the healthiest cooking methods; excellent quality of service; warm, welcoming and clean atmosphere and providing value to customer.

To craft our menu, we teamed up with a well known and established restaurant near Pune India called Sunny Dhaba. People who have travelled on the Mumbai-Pune expressway will immediately recognize the name. We had our chef trainer go to the restaurant, spent a week learning from the best chefs in the industry. The foods from Sunny Dhaba boasted an arsenal of flavors like none other – curries that were simultaneously spicy yet cooling, We have combined the best flavors and preparations from all the regions  and created a dining destination that honors Indian cuisine and tradition.

Indian Street Art

From the Tasting sessions


Neha, foodie

"Sanskrit Butter Chicken - This is the best preparation of butter chicken I have had. Creamy sauce with tender soft chicken just melts in your mouth. My 5-year-old son kept licking his fingers while having nan and butter chicken."



Yatin, Foodie and Taste Guru

“Chicken Tikka Masala - Best chicken tikka ever eaten in USA. Reminded me of the way we get it in India.”


David, Food enthusiast

“Chicken Biriyani - Another winner, this one proves all Indian spices, do not mean, just chili. Beautifully flavored biriyani and the chicken was soft. Raita compliments the biriyani beautifully.”

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